Frequently Asked Questions

How to install DEV. SKY.?

Download the dev.php file from this site in a folder of virtual HTTP server on your workstation (PHP and MySQL must be installed), in your browser open http://address_virt_server/dev.php (use Google Chrome) and follow the instructions in your browser. Do not download the dev.php file from other sites!

How to generate a NULL site from DEV. SKY.?

Open "Codebase" (records explorer), record a:main.sns, then click "Run this", then follow the instructions.

How to build a new package?

Save the snapshot (in Util menu open My Snapshots), do the work of a programmer on a NULL site "main.sns". Click "create script" in a previously generated screenshot, this will create new records of changes in records explorer, joined in a new package.

How to check a new package?

Visually check the created package (the best way) or install a new copy of DEV. SKY., through export-import, transfer the package into a new copy, make "Run this" and check or make "Rollback" in Util/My Builds menu and verify that the current state of the code is identical to that saved in the snapshot (this option is not functional yet). In any case, you need a visual inspection as a snapshot scope can "grab" the unnecessary code in the script, for example changes in the cell _dev_memory .ID = 1. tmemo (the cell to save AJAX tracing), this part of the script must be removed, as more often these are some nonessential changes.

How to send the work to the server?

Register on this site, enter your registration information in DEV. SKY. in the "Settings" menu. In Util / Submit your work menu send your package.

What is a "domain"?

These are directories, tables and database tables series which must be, for example, saved as a snapshot, and where you will search for changes after a programmer's work. They use a special syntax, recursion, inclusion and exclusion, for example if it is written "include paths": _dev and exclude paths: _dev/temp, then the snapshot will save all the files and the folders inside the folder _dev except for _dev/temp.

What is the list "depends"?

This list shows which packages must be executed before executing the current one, for example update upd.v1 contains a list dev v1 app v1 - it means that before preforming update upd.v1, the package app.v1 (application of version v1) must be run on the version DEV. SKY. v1. as well.

What is the list "included"?

This list shows which packages are included in the current package, for example app.v2 contains a list app.v1 upd.v1 work - it means that the version v2 of the application is based on the v1 version. After that the package upd.v1 was launched and still additional work of a programmer (something new in the code) was done.

What is the list "priorun"?

The list "priorun" shows what records in the package DEV.SKY. (a reusable code), as well as utilities generating the code automatically, were run before taking a "Snapshot" which will automatically generate a change script. This allows you to significantly reduce the size of the change script. The SKY. project objective is to increase this trend.

Whether you want to use GIT, Subversion in this project?

If you are developing a third-party project (based on coresky code, but which is not a part of SKY.), which involves (plans to get involved) over 2 programmers, GIT use is desirable, otherwise it is not required, although the use of version control systems do not interfere with the DEV.SKY operation. If you are working in SKY. system (its development), the use of GIT is not desirable, as in SKY. we develop its own version control system.

What does it mean to "feel a thread of SKY."?

It means to understand that SKY. (and all the information continuum) existed before the "big bang", understand how to develop SKY. at this moment. It is, in a sense, following the existing programming style on this site. To feel a thread of SKY. means to be a skygrammar, to develop SKY. in such a way to make the performed work valuable on this site.